Clean Plus® Hand Wipes Are Perfect for Summer Fun!

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Picnics, camping, boating, and beach buffets are great summer fun but they can be messy! Clean Plus® Soft Hand Cleansing Wipes (Ref: 02 420206) are perfect for when soap and water are not readily available! Make your summer fun convenient and clean so that you can focus on the important stuff! Clean Plus® Hand Wipes [...]

Beautiful Outside…Beautiful Inside!

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Enjoy the view with Clean Plus® Auto Care Watching the road pass by is especially fun when you’re on a beautiful drive. But next to the road, what’s the most important thing your eyes see? That’s right…your windscreen and dashboard! Clean Plus Winclean® Interior Windscreen Cleaner Wipes (Ref: 01 440401) and Plastic Plus® Dashboard Renovating [...]

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