Clean Plus® wishes you a happy and healthy 2010!

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Merry Christmas from Clean Plus ®

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Clean Plus® wishes you and yours the best this holiday season. Remember, the Clean Plus® offices will be closed between December 24th and January 4th, so for all orders or inqueries, please contact Clean Plus® before these dates. We look forward to a sharing a joyous and successful new year with all of our clients [...]

How do I know when I should repolish my car?

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Here is a simple test.  After a rain, or after washing your car if the water appears as it does in the photo below, this is a good indication that now might be the time to polish your car with either Clean Plus® Super Polish (01 440 417) or simply give it a protective coat with Clean [...]

Humpty Dumpty

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Well, Clean Plus® Professional Super Compound could do the job. Our new and improved formulation for our Super Compound Brillance® is made to the high standards professionals expect to ensure the efficient and effective removal of oxidized paint, and surface pollutants like those left by acid rain, traffic film, tree sap, bird droppings—and, well, yes—the [...]

What’s so special about Microfibre?

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Sometimes an invention comes along that changes our world so profoundly that we ask ourselves “How did I ever get along without this?” These nondescript cloths work cleaning miracles and are changing the way clock watchers and environmentally conscious individuals across the world are cleaning. Naysayers beware; this cloth has impressed skeptics time and again. [...]

Clean Plus®’s New and Improved Website

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We have been working hard developing and constructing a state-of-art and visually stimulating new Clean Plus® website that will have great appeal with our Clean Plus® end-users and will facilitate the marketing and sales efforts of our many global Super Distributors. The new Clean Plus® website can be accessed at the same address,, and [...]

Clean Plus Heads East

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After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, Eastern Europe has been undergoing dramatic political and economic change. Their induction into the European Union gave way to increasedprivatization, burgeoning free-market economies, and rapid GDP growth. The rising employment and income levels have created demand for more sophisticated, task-specific products that were once considered extravagant [...]

Happy Holidays from Clean Plus®!

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Hello world!

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Welcome to Clean Plus® Blog! Check back here for regular updates and Clean Plus® News! We’ll post helpful articles on car care and new products. Keep in touch!

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