REACH is the acronym for Registration Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals.

Why are these new regulations needed?

Present regulations are a patchwork of many different Directives and Regulations which has developed historically. There are different sets of rules for existing and new chemicals.  These new regulations are designed to harmonize existing regulations and place emphasis on risks and hazards to health and the environment. For more information visit the website:

Where does Falken Europe a.s. fit into these new regulations?

Under REACH regulations we are defined as a Downstream User. This is because we are formulators, repackagers and producers of Preparations rather than producers of Substances

What are our obligations as a Downstream User under REACH regulations?

We are not required to register our products and preparations under REACH regulations.

Are there any other issues or obligations under REACH regulations?

Yes, “Title V, Downstream Users articles 37 to 39” of the REACH Regulations gives us the right and obligation to pass on information to our suppliers about the way we use and handle substances supplied to us by them. This enables our suppliers to check that the substances supplied by them are being used in formulations and for applications which they have evaluated.

Are we in contact with our suppliers concerning REACH regulations and are wemaintaining a dialogue with them?

Yes. All of our suppliers, many of them the most well known names in the business have been contacted by us. We have provided the necessary information on intended uses of substances supplied by them.

We have requested confirmation of their intention to pre-register substances before the deadline of 30th November 2008. Confirmation of intention to comply is a requirement of continuing supplier status.